Comedy Open Mics

Wednesday Nights at Craft Kitchen and Brewery
We will be allowing 20 comics. You can sign up by messaging our Facebook or Instagram Pages. You can also email us at You are also welcome to join the IP Open Mic group on Facebook as well.
By signing up for any open mic you are agreeing to follow the following rules:
-5 Minute sets, Light at 4
-No Hate Speech. (No Racist, Homophobic, or Transphobic jokes. Any punchline seen as punching down will not be tolerated.)
-You must attempt to be funny
-No Drugs (cannabis or otherwise)
-Respect the Venue & all equipment
-Respect your follow performers
-Be a good audience
Katy Ipock and Ipockolyptic Productions reserves the right to remove anyone from the sign up list and ban any comic for any reason, including first strike on all the posted rules.