Quizzical Chase

Every Thursday @ Craft Kitchen and Brewery. FREE

We are bringing a nostaligic spin to trivia with large, hand crafted, replicas of Trivial Pursuit wheels.

Each week we take cards from Trivia Pursuit games and ask teams to answer.

We have enough pies for seven teams. So, get early to claim your favorite color! (Teams up to 8 allowed.)(All Ages Event.)

How does game play work?

Tables will be called on one by one. Each table will get to choose which color/catagory they are going to answer. The host will then read the answer. The team will get 60 seconds to collectively come up with an answer.

If the team gets the answer correct, they get that catagories pie piece!

When a table completes their whole pie, they will be asked a final question. That final catagory will be chosen, by vote, by the rest of the tables in the room. (So, pay attention to what catagory is weaker for each team.)

The first team to complete their pie and answer a final question correctly wins!

Prizes will include: Tickets to comedy shows and Craft Swag!

Challenges: If a team wants to challenge an answer to the question will be given another 60 seconds to use their smartphones to prove their answer was correct. Final judgement will be left with the Host.