Super Fight Mic

Ticket for the Final Round can be found at BENDTICKET.COM



The Super Fight Mic Season was interrupted by the pandemic. Those comics that qualified before the pandemic will keep their spots and invited to the final round. 

Super Fight Mic Season is underway! Super Fight Mic is Central Oregon’s only Competitive Open Mic. Stand up comics at all levels are welcome to compete (people doing their first time, up-coming, and established performers.)

The qualifier rounds will be August 12th and 19th at Craft Kitchen and Brewery in Bend, Or. Anyone is welcome to sign up. There will be 6 available slots. Signs up will be open virtually 8am the morning of the round. 

The August 12th round slots will be first come first serve. The slots in the august 19th qualifier will have a preference for anyone who didn’t get to qualify on the 19th. Both of this qualifier rounds will be ticketed shows, with the money from those tickets used for the cash prize for Final Round winner. 

At 7:50 the order will be chosen at random. Performers will get 10 minutes to perform.  Preference is given to performers who have not had a chance to qualify yet. At the end of the night the audience will be asked to vote for their favorites, and whatever comic gets the loudest response will move forward. There will be one qualifier from each round. 

The final found will be Saturday, August 29th. There will be the 4 finalists performing 15-20 minute sets. It will be judged by a panel of comics, decision makers, and sponsors. The comics with the highest judges score will be declared the winner and win a cash prize from Ipockolyptic Productions, a free headshot package from Arton Photography, and free digital marketing training from The First Click.

Official Rules

Super Fight Mic

Contact: Katy Ipock – Producer/Host


Event Overview: 

Established and up-and-coming comedians will see if they have what it takes to become the winner of Super Fight Mic! The qualifying rounds of this local comedy competition will be held at Craft Kitchen & Brewery every Wednesday in March. From the four qualifying rounds 6 qualifiers will be chosen. Those six qualifiers will be invited to compete in the Semi-Final round at Craft Kitchen on Sunday, April 19th. Four finalists will be chosen and they will be invited to perform in the final round on May 8th at The Capitol in Bend. 

Age Requirements:  This event is open to anyone 18+.

Performance Requirements: Any person interested in competing is welcome to perform. (Including established comedians, up-and-coming comedians, and those who have never done stand up before.)

Order of performance for Qualifier Round:  Comics will be able to sign up for a qualifying round at 7:30 the day of the show. There will be no more than 8 available slots in each qualifying round. At 7:50pm the sign ups will be closed, and a random order will be generated. There will also be 2 alternate slots available for sign up as well. If someone is unable to perform, an alternate will take their place. If all performers are completed before 9pm, the alternates will be available to perform.

Judging:  The winner of a qualifier will be chosen by audience participation. One winner will be chosen during the first two qualifying rounds. Two winners will be chosen during the last two qualifying rounds. Katy Ipock is responsible for breaking any ties. For the semi-final round, the audience will be given a ballot to vote for their top 3 favorite comics. The 4 comics with the most votes will be invited to the final round. If any of the Semi-Finalists are not available, the next comics with the next highest votes will be invited. For the Final Round, your performance will be rated in five different categories on a scale of 1-5 by a panel of judges, 1 being the lowest point and 5 being the highest in (1) stage presence, (2) delivery of material, (3) content/originality, (4) adherence to time/rules and (5) audience response. The performer with the highest score will be the winner of Super Fight Mic.

Qualifier Shows:  Those performing will be asked to perform 5-10 minute sets. The winner will be chosen by audience participation. The winner will be invited to move forward to the semi-final round. If a comic does not get chosen, they are welcome to try to qualify again. Preference of performance will be given to comics who have not performed in a qualifying round previously, if we run out of slots. Any comic who goes over 10 minutes will be disqualified from qualifying that round. If you go over time, the comic will be welcome to sign up for another round. 

Final Round:  Those performing in the Final Round will be asked to prepare 15-20 minute sets and a single winner will be named winner of Super Fight Mic! The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges. The winner of the Final Round will receive a $200 cash prize, a headshot package from Rhiannon Westcott Photography, and a training from The First Click.

Release for Media:  Any video, photographs and or audio taken from the SFM series can be used at the discretion of Katy Ipock to promote and advertise the SFM series in its entirety. It may also be used to promote Ipockolyptic Productions. Comics featured in this media are also welcome to use any video, photographs or audio of themselves for their own promotion.

Content/Material Requirements:  All material must be original. Katy Ipock has the right to disqualify you immediately for any material deemed unoriginal. If you have any questions in regards to material, contact Katy Ipock for review.

As a participant, I understand and agree to all rules outlined and will accept the decision of the voting audience and judges as the final decision. By performing in Super Fight Mic, you agree to these rules and conditions.